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All. Grey. Everything.

Top — Urbanoutfitters; sweats — Talula @ Aritzia; sneaker wedges — Nike @ Aritzia

I’m ’bout to sound self-righteous and snobby but Aritzia to me is equivalent to how Phoebe from Friends felt about Pottery Barn–dope stuff but a cop out from hunting random goodies and putting them together to create your own smorgasbord of style. My commitment to Aritzia used to be near religious, and I thought I was this lil PYT running around in TNA spandex and that Wilfred tunic everybody owned (which I had in four different colours.. it’s whatevs.)

Honestly tho, I can’t say much has changed because my addictions have only transcended to other institutions…

e.g. Amazon.com has got my heart on lock-down.

All I See is Red

Scarf — H&M; red camo jacket — Urban Renewal @ Urbanoutfitters; men’s knit cardigan — somewhere in Asia; leggings — Talula @ Aritzia; knee-high boots — Dolce Vita; neon orange nails — Koi by China Glaze

I did the red camo, just because it ever so slightly differs from the average camo. I mean, the key to mass culture is that it’s different but not too overzealous, right? Also, because red makes you look fierce, duh.

This was taken back in the fall when Vancouver is near freezing, hence the layers. Otherwise July in Vancouver–who needs a jacket? Go nakies.

Girls Dressing Like Boys

ImageBeanie — Artizia; sweater — Nordstrom Rack; boyfriend jeans — Zara; sneaker wedges — Nike featured @ Artizia

Bought these boyfriend jeans a size up for a loose sweat pant feel… but they’re getting mighty fitted as of late! Talk about indications of gym and diet neglect..