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Family + Fate

My mom just came home all cocky, ready to scold me for forgetting my jacket at the venue where we had our family function.

I’m like, “That jacket is not mine. Must be Aunt Judy’s.”

My grandma starts yelling at my mom for taking home my aunt’s jacket, because tonight my aunt was wearing a tiny dress for her 70’s-themed cancer fundraiser.

My brother, dad, and I laughed so hard.

Been saying, “Mom, you suuuuuuck!” the entire night. She was legit ready to bask in all the glory that is reproaching me. Trust me. Bickering is an Olympic sport for my mother, and therefore it is something truly special when she thinks she’s right but is actually wrong.

My grandma and uncle went back to the place to drop off the coat, et voilĂ .

Came home with the charcuterie and cheese platter. Fate fucking exists, y’all.