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Amsterdam 2014
Sweden 2014
L.A. 2012
New York
Somewhere with good sandwiches
Paris 2007
San Laurenzo (mostly to see The Ellen Show) hopefully 2014
Vietnam 2015
Las Vegas 2011, 2012, 2013 — this should be blacked out completely
Huntington Beach
Northern BC
Oregon Coast
Ibiza 2014
Mt. Baker
Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea 2007
Greece 2014
Toronto 2010
Montreal 2006
Thailand 2015
Mt. Rushmore
Six Flags
Busch Gardens
Universal Studios 2012
Disneyworld 2005, 2007
Hong-Kong 2015
Wonderland 2010
A kick-ass musical festival
Taiwan 2015/a shaved ice and milk tea oasis
Oahu 2013
Korea 2015
Philippines 2015
Florida Keys
Mexico 2005, 2011
Italy 2014
San Diego 2012
San Francisco
Chicago/in it for the hot dogs and deep-dish pizza
Norway 2014
Where my grandma grew up
Ireland 2014 — to find my one true love, Niall Horan
The Island of Hawaii

My One Direction Erection

I have a One Direction Erection–the huge, throbbing, and pulsating with passion kind. (A One Direction Infection is for the little ones.. big girls get the 1D Erection.)

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty details of my fangirl obsession because 1) it’s annoying 2) it’s only slightly embarrassing that I stalked a group of five boys the same age as my brother 3) it would probably be the longest post of my life.


The concert was AMAZE. I have been to a handful of concerts, but it’s never been an artist I absolutely LOVE. Y’all already know I know 99.5% of their songs, and to be able to sing those songs in unison with a stadium chock full of people is BEYOND the beyond.

I can only imagine how it feels for them to stare back at the audience, listening to them sing along to every word they sing back..


These are my beautiful friends who came with. After watching me be near tears when I was without a ticket, and THEN seeing my full fangirl form before/during/after the concert–I am SO grateful (and astonished) they are still my friends. I was pretty much going through a multi-level meltdown the entire time the band was in the same city as me.

I’ve had so much backlash for being a fan of a Top 40’s boyband, but freal–sit down with me and I will tell you whatsup with One Direction…


Also they were giving out ice cream after the concert–it’s like they KNEW I was coming.


I may or may not have been double-fisting free ice cream.

And obvi, if you are friends with me, we got drunk after the concert and met a bunch of crazy people. We ended up rubbing this huge brown guy’s belly, meeting someone named Atilla [The Hun], and utilizing the Boris Theory for the first time. Um.. also, this guy introduced himself to me as Asshole, and said he’d give us his mardi gras beads if we flashed him–I am hoping (but not really) that he did not get beat up that night.


This is us post-bellyrubbing, but pre-dancing with two gay roommates.

And here is my fav member of the band being cute AF:


I’d like to think that Niall’s smile during his acoustic solo in “Little Things” was indeed in response to my “I LOVE YOU NIALL! MARRY ME!”

I should add that I wrote a paper on One Direction for one of my classes. And BOOM goes the dynamite, because I got an A-! One Direction always wins, y’all.

xx, k